‘Women and Ceramics’ at Idea Store

Yesterday Verónica Restrepo led the last of the Women’s History Month workshops (Event organised by Alternative Arts). Verónica talked about the close relationship between clay, women and myths in a fascinating way that captured the participants attention and inspired them to create amazing artworks. More than 25 people attended this workshop, among them the Bangladeshi […]

Departures, by Bisila Noha

(Salon of the Rejected) 1863, France. A group of artists see how their works are rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon and therefore cannot exhibit their paintings in the Salon. Ridiculed by many art critics, they are allowed by the Emperor Napoleon III to create a parallel exhibition. That was the first […]

Women’s History Month

So far, the new year has indeed been a prosperous one for us. We have now joined forces with Alternative Arts to offer our visits to the Victoria & Albert Museum and to the National Gallery as part of the Women’s History Month celebrations in East London. Along with other artists, activists, performers and writers, […]

El Salón de los Rechazados Españoles (English version further down)

New En la que será nuestra segunda Social Exhibition, Lon-art.org pretende visibilizar la voz de los artistas españoles que, a causa de la crisis, han tenido que emigrar de forma forzada a Londres, ciudad en la que sobreviven desempeñando trabajos no cualificados con los que poder subvencionar su creación artística. El salón español de los […]

See Yourself in 3D

New Year – New Projects   Last Saturday we began our new project, See Yourself in 3D, in collaboration with Centrepoint, a charity that provides a safe place to live for more than 1,000 young people. Participants will explore their aspirations and personal objectives using

With LAWRS at the National Gallery

Yesterday, we led a visit to the National Gallery for women participating in the Integration Project at the Latin-American Women’s Rights Service (LAWRS). Together, we explored gender in art history, linking works from the National Gallery’s collection with issues in contemporary society, representations of women in the media and popular culture, and our own personal […]

Art Makes You Smart?

What do you think about it? http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/24/opinion/sunday/art-makes-you-smart.html?_r=0