Women at the National Gallery in Spanish

Intro: We run this visit in Spanish for la Asamblea de Mujeres (Spanish Women’s Assembly) in London. Workshop leaders Sara López and María González Where National Gallery When 16 October 2016 Participants 24 Spanish Speakers Description Have you ever wondered why so many of the images of women that we see in museums are nudes? […]

Black HERstory Month 2016

  Intro: Black Herstory Month is an event which aim was to celebrate the Black History Month from a gender perspective. Black women’s stories have too often been erased from history or ignored. Through different art workshops, participants discovered inspiring black women who have contributed positively to British society, but don’t receive the same recognition […]

Symbiosis Festival Opening

Yassou! Yesterday it was the Symbiosis Festival opening in Mytiline. The Clownest Orchestra band led this amazing moment with their Balkans vibes. Early in the morning they had one of their best experience as musicians and humans beings, they played in the other side of the fence in Moria, the biggest refugee camp in Lesbos […]

Refugee Week 2016

We live in a time where walls keep being built and boarders keep being closed. It is odd how, when it comes to money and goods, countries are always willing to come up with agreements to make trade easier. However, when it comes to people we are growing more and more reluctant to allow freedom […]

Celebrating Women History Month at the National Gallery

On Saturday 5th of March we celebrated Women’s History Month 2016 with our popular visit ‘Women at the National Gallery’. During this visit led by our Art Educators and Historians María and Sara, we analysed some of the greatest art pieces held at the National Gallery from a gender point of view. We put on […]

Mujeres y Cerámica en el V&A

Ayer, después de mucho tiempo, volvimos a organizar nuestra visita Mujeres y Cerámica en el Victoria & Albert Museum. Una visita muy especial por muchas razones. Por un lado, es una estupenda oportunidad para descubrir las maravillas que se exhiben en la tan poco visitada sexta planta del V&A. Y por otro, se establece una […]

With the girls Sin Fronteras in the National Gallery

Today we led a visit for Sin Fronteras, a group of young Latin American women aged between 14-15 years old, during which we discussed about women roles in society and the arts. We also made comparisons between how women were represented throughout art history and how they are shown in today’s ads. Unfortunately, things have not […]

Creative Coaching Workshops

After the success of our first Coaching workshop back in January, we designed two more workshops along with two Coaching experts to keep helping people feel motivated and capable of making their dreams come true. Workshop leaders Andrea Giráldez (Personal Performance Coach): andrea@libercoaching.com Paola Miani (Personal Performance Coach) Where: Oxford House When: 13 and 20 October 2015 Participants: […]

Women at the National Gallery

Yesterday we took to the National Gallery an eclectic group of women both Spanish and English speakers. These different backgrounds gave a diverse insight about women’s roles in society and in the history of art. Many thanks for sharing with us your points of view and experiences. Workshop leaders Maria González Sara López Where: National […]

Refugee Week in digital – pilot Project

During this spring, we run a pilot project at Centrepoint  to develop animation workshops to help to create an anonymous and creative space for young people to express their views and raise awareness about immigration and refugee matters. We visited seven services in London, facilitating a pilot workshop where we recorded young people’s opinions using the […]