Black HERstory Month 2016

  Intro: Black Herstory Month is an event which aim was to celebrate the Black History Month from a gender perspective. Black women’s stories have too often been erased from history or ignored. Through different art workshops, participants discovered inspiring black women who have contributed positively to British society, but don’t receive the same recognition […]

Refugee Week 2016

We live in a time where walls keep being built and boarders keep being closed. It is odd how, when it comes to money and goods, countries are always willing to come up with agreements to make trade easier. However, when it comes to people we are growing more and more reluctant to allow freedom […]

Refugee Week in digital – pilot Project

During this spring, we run a pilot project at Centrepoint  to develop animation workshops to help to create an anonymous and creative space for young people to express their views and raise awareness about immigration and refugee matters. We visited seven services in London, facilitating a pilot workshop where we recorded young people’s opinions using the […]

Refugee Week 2015 at Centrepoint

Imagine that thousands of people could read this postcard, what would be your message to the world? Alongside the video, we prepared a workshop for Centrepoint’s young people to depict what they think about refugees and immigration on postcards.   Workshop leader: Maria González Where: Centrepoint – Refugee Week When: 19th June 2015 Participants: 13     […]

BHM 2014- Masks and Masquerades at Idea Store, Watney Market

African masks were given an East London facelift on Saturday when kids from the community came to Lon-art’s fun-filled class celebrating Black History Month. The all-day event, which included film screenings, a talk on African masquerades and plenty of messy mask-making, was packed with children and adults across two floors of the Idea Store at […]

Workshop on ‘Deconstructing gender’

Last Wednesday we held our workshop on ‘Deconstructing Gender’. Cristina Cuevas opened the workshop with the question ‘What is gender?’ then we started the debate using two videos as a starting point:      – Break Free:      – Like a girl: Among the participants were women of different backgrounds and ages, adding to the richness of the workshop. After […]

Art-Lab Experiment. Fun Palaces Festival has been selected to be part of FUN PALACES 2014. We have designed for this occasion Art-Lab Experiment, a project that explores what happens when art and science come together. In the 19th Century new ways of expression were invented, among them, photography. A mix of chemistry, physics and human curiosity to register images and […]

Fun Palaces. The Pitch Competition – 6pm (Free)

FUN PALACES Oh! featured opportunity for emerging and established artists to develop and share their ideas. Fast paced and fun presentations of exciting ideas for Fun Palaces! Finalists include one of’s project, Art-Lab Experiment   New forms of artistic expression, such as photography, have been created thanks to the sciences. Likewise, the arts also […]

Refugee Week at Centrepoint

The Refugee Week presented a great opportunity for the how refugees are perceived by our societies and to show them as individuals with a rich cultural background. Patterns and cultures Ceramics have been part of men’s life since the dawn of civilisation and were used to produce all kinds of objects, which were exchanged along […]

‘Women and Ceramics’ at Idea Store

Yesterday Verónica Restrepo led the last of the Women’s History Month workshops (Event organised by Alternative Arts). Verónica talked about the close relationship between clay, women and myths in a fascinating way that captured the participants attention and inspired them to create amazing artworks. More than 25 people attended this workshop, among them the Bangladeshi […]