Refugee in Expression, our partner!

  ‘We want to create an environment where all youth can have freedom in expression. We are about the development of our community towards the youth and their future. We want to involve and spread information about the charities designated to youth in Brixton. Empowering and stimulating them to develop creatively as well as technically, […]

Di García- Animation Workshop

Some sand, a light box, a camera, Di García’s talent and our participants’ creativity was all we needed in order to create

Carolina Gutiérrez- Plasticine Workshop

Kids, seeds and plasticine. At this super colourful workshop, kids planted their own seeds and grew their own gardens with plasticine and Carolina Gutierrez’s help, a Colombian artist whose works in plasticine seem to be alive and leave everybody breathless. It definitely was a great opportunity to spend some time in family and to give […]

María Gilino- Ceramics and painting Workshop

Using María Gilino’s beautiful painted ceramics as inspiration, at this workshop participants were encouraged to deconstruct the conception of plates as a symbol of women’s domestic slavery. Take a look at how our participants expressed their ideas of freedom and inner peaceon plates.

Jaime Millán and Maria Jacas- Political Caricaturist and News Illustration

  How is to make fun of politicians through satirical caricature? Well, here we leave you an amazing introduction of what Saturday night was. Jaime Millán explained his caricatures inspired in Colombian Politics and Maria Jacas made an illustration workshop where people represented news in their own visual way.

Mikey Watts- Pastels and Patterns Workshop

When poetry and oil pastels became one. With Mikey Watts, a Filmmaker & Visual Artist with a flair for colours and textures, as guide, these newly-born artists used oil pastels to mix textures and patterns in order to depict their interpretation of a poem by – Stephen Watts – Mikey’s father! Needless to say, being […]

Women at The National Gallery

Have you ever wondered why so many of the images of women that we see in museums are nudes? Or why there are so few women artists? Or what role women have played in the history of art? All these questions and more will be discussed in an interactive dialogue between the public and paintings, […]

Ramanas Garden Project

  During the two months on site we proposed art projects based on a variety of themes, materials and techniques. The projects are linked and interact with each other, as they are happening at the same time. Mosaic: This project is being developed from scratch with all the kids at Ramana’s. Looking for inspiration we […]

‘Corta tu Retrato de Corte’

‘Cut your own Court Portrait’ was a workshop promoted by the Spanish Embassy in Vienna for the diffusion of Spanish as a language and as a rich culture. We chose the Spanish royal court portraits made by Velázquez as a subject, namely those sent to Vienna by the Spanish King Philip IV. Through this, we […]

Fashion and ART ‘get into the haze’ ‘experimenta arte y moda’

Get into the Haze was an amazing adventure carried out with the Museums Quartier in Vienna. The exhibition was about the invisible line between art and fashion. We explored the creative process of fashion design through a dynamic workshop and helped the students develop critical opinions about art and fashion as a whole. The workshop […]