Celebrating Black History Month in schools

We have been celebrating Black History Month in schools in East London. We held two workshops focusing on masks and masquerades. -The African Art of Recycling: Tradition and modernity We explored the work of contemporary artist Romauld Hazoume (Republic of Benin). -Bamana puppets from Mali Storytelling The art of Malian puppet theatre, called Sogo bo […]

Art-Lab Experiment. Fun Palaces Festival

Lon-art.org has been selected to be part of FUN PALACES 2014. We have designed for this occasion Art-Lab Experiment, a project that explores what happens when art and science come together. In the 19th Century new ways of expression were invented, among them, photography. A mix of chemistry, physics and human curiosity to register images and […]

Primary School Mosaic Project 2013

This mosaic represents all the class-rooms through animals and colours. The kids came up with the drawings and ideas integrated in the final design. 210 kids have participated in this fantastic and amazing project that was fully developed by them. We all can appreciate the stunning results!!