Meet the Spanish Rejects – María Gilino

Our second social exhibition, El Salón de los Rechazados Españoles (The Salon of Spanish Rejects), will take place in less than a month’s time, so it is high time we started to introduce you to our talented ‘rejects’! Today, MARÍA GILINO María was born in Vigo, Spain, and currently lives in London. She has always […]

Call out for artists

Are you a London-based artist from or with strong links to Spain? is holding its second Social Exhibition at Oxford House in Bethnal Green from 7th to 12th May.  The aim of the exhibition is to give a platform to emerging artists who have been affected by the economic crisis and may be struggling […]

Departures, by Bisila Noha

(Salon of the Rejected) 1863, France. A group of artists see how their works are rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon and therefore cannot exhibit their paintings in the Salon. Ridiculed by many art critics, they are allowed by the Emperor Napoleon III to create a parallel exhibition. That was the first […]

El Salón de los Rechazados Españoles (English version further down)

New En la que será nuestra segunda Social Exhibition, pretende visibilizar la voz de los artistas españoles que, a causa de la crisis, han tenido que emigrar de forma forzada a Londres, ciudad en la que sobreviven desempeñando trabajos no cualificados con los que poder subvencionar su creación artística. El salón español de los […]