Verónica Restrepo

The ceramic works exhibited are part of Verónica’s experimentation in creating pieces that are irregular in shape, as a way of exploring the plasticity of clay. The pieces are presented as objects from another world using the pretence of an archaeological dig, as a reflection on the perception of ‘the Other’. Verónica wants to bring […]

Donacio Cejas

Donacio’s work is inspired by ‘souvenir-aesthetics’, the cultural clichés of the Canary Islands and, by extension, ‘the fake identities of Spanish kitsch.’ These fantasy compositions of tropical animals and plants mirror the aesthetics of a tourist postcard. Donacio was inspired by a return to his native Canary Islands from Madrid during a period of unemployment. […]

Marta Beltrán

Marta’s montage of drawings and photocopies explores ‘a middle space between cinematic linear narrative and the painterly fixed image.’ Her inspiration was film stills and portraits of movie stars from different periods and genres, which she used to explore more personal experience.   Marta is living in London temporarily, and sees the city as a […]

Women out of Focus, Cristina Cuevas

Women out of Focus is a photography series based on a notion of women’s loss of identity. Cristina depicts this through obscuring faces and playing with the camera focus. She explains that ‘every time we as women lose one of our rights, we lose a bit of ourselves and our identity, and what we are […]

Hojas de Prueba, Daniel Sánchez

With Hojas de Prueba, Daniel is asking the question, ‘Can art be conceived unintentionally?’ Hojas de Prueba is a collection of abstract pieces of involuntary, anonymous, collective art, collected by Daniel from seven London stationery shops over the space of a year. With 2kg worth of stationery testing papers harvested, Daniel was able to play […]

My Belly is Mine

The coat hanger is the medial instrument used by women for self-induced abortions, and adopted by My Belly is Mine as the symbol of its pro-choice campaign and its protests against the Spanish anti-abortion draft bill, Gallardón’s Law (la ley de Gallardón). For this exhibition, the group have asked various artists, art students and craftivists […]

Fighters! (We all are), Luis Martínez Arnal

The project was conceived as a way of promoting small organisations and individuals who are not satisfied with the present state of society and are finding ways to fight for what they think is fair. The series portrays activists and volunteers of all ages, professions and backgrounds. Luis explains that ‘the bottom line is that […]

Cambio de Planes, Adrián Cuesta and Luís Martínez

Focussing on the growing Spanish community in London and the UK, Cambio de Planes is a photography project exploring cases of highly-educated Spaniards carrying out lesser-qualified jobs in the UK. ‘Since the start of the crisis, many Spaniards are struggling to get the positions they feel they deserve that the crisis in Spain may have […]

Habla de Arte Workshop

This workshop was attended by learners of Spanish from the Meetup group ‘Spanish Tutor in London’. Participants discussed current social issues in Spain in the target language while looking at the artists’ work. They also created protest banners and a fanzine in Spanish that will soon be available online.

Photography for Social Change Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, it was time for some photography. With our ‘rejects’ Luís Martínez Arnal and Adrián Cuesta, we dived into the world of photography for social change. During the first part of the workshop, Luís and Adrián talked about different photography projects that aim at putting social issues in the ‘spotlight’. During the second part, […]