Meet the Spanish Rejects – Anaïs Abbot and Miguel Alda

No photos, drawings or sculptures now. It is time for some literature with ANAÏS ABBOT & MIGUEL ALDA Anaïs and Miguel live in London where they work as Spanish teachers. As writers, their artwork focuses on new worlds that offer an alternative to the capitalist world we live in. During El Salón de los Rechazados […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – My Belly is Mine

Today, instead of an artist, we want to introduce you to a whole organisation! MY BELLY IS MINE My Belly is Mine is a grassroots pro-choice activist collective established in January 2014 by British feminists to oppose and raise awareness of the Spanish anti-abortion draft bill.   During The Salon of Spanish Rejects, they will […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Alejandro Cid

Today, ALEJANDRO CID Photographer, production sound mixer, sound post-producer, boom operator, film director, editor, writer and now one of our ‘rejects’, having moved to London over a year and half ago in order further to develop his talent. For our exhibition, he has prepared an inspiring video activism installation.       You really should […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Luis Martínez

And now, LUIS MARTÍNEZ His name might ring a bell. Apart from being part of the exhibition with the project he is developing with Adrián Cuesta, Cambio de Planes (Change of Plans), he will present a solo series. His photography project “Fighters, we all are” is his arty way of paying homage to those everyday fighters who are […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Adrián Cuesta & Luis Martínez

And here are two more ‘rejects’: ADRIÁN CUESTA & LUIS MARTÍNEZ Adrián and Luis, both very into art and social issues, are currently developing a photography project titled “Cambio de planes” (Change of plans). The essence of their project goes to the very core of our exhibition: Spaniards now living in London entitled ‘Photography for […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Daniel Sánchez

And here a non-professional artist, film maker, photographer and skateboard manufacturer. Although he currently lives in Spain, he is still very much connected to London after having spent a year here, and was therefore very keen on being part of the Salon. Daniel will be exhibiting a series of abstract pictures. Come to the exhibition […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Donacio Cejas

You have already met half the Social Exhibition possible. Let’s get to know the other half! Today, DONACIO CEJAS Donacio is an architect from the Canary Islands who is also undertaking other personal projects in the fields of scenography, installation and illustration. He definitely won us over with his colourful and vivid illustrations.     […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Miguel Souto

It is now time to get to know MIGUEL SOUTO Miguel devotes his time to both architectural photography and design. Since he arrived in London 9 months ago, he has not stopped for a minute. He has already collaborated with different projects such as 21artists, Living in the Waste Land and Canning Town Caravensara. It […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Anahí Rodríguez

Today, we want to introduce you to ANAHÍ RODRÍGUEZ She describes herself as a constant thinker, passionate about life and art – very! She is both a painter and a photographer, although for our exhibition she will be exhibiting solely paintings. However, you should definitely check out her photos, too.  

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Claudia SP Rubiño

Today, our Spanish ‘reject’ is CLAUDIA SP RUBIÑO. Claudia studied English Philology and had to leave Spain over a year and a half ago, because of the lack of opportunities back home. Along with her colleague Cristina Ahita Sanz, who is based in Grenoble, France, she runs the fanzine Art for Art’s Shake. In their fanzine, there is space for all kinds […]