Meet the Spanish Rejects – Verónica Restrepo

Although our exhibition will mainly exhibit the work of Spanish artists in London, this artist had to be part of it nonetheless, as she represents the many Latin-Americans with strong links to Spain. Today, VERÓNICA RESTREPO Verónica is a Colombian potter and anthropologist, who has already collaborated with us on several occasions, including our visits to the Victoria & Albert […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Cristina Cuevas

Today, you will be able to meet one of the artists who joined us first on this project: CRISTINA CUEVAS Cristina moved to London a few months ago, because she felt unable to grow as a photographer in Spain. She is developing an amazing project, ‘Women Out of Focus’, that brings together photography and issues currently affecting […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Viveka Goyanes

Now, it is time to meet our third ‘reject’: VIVEKA GOYANES If we could only use one word to describe her, it would be ‘baroque’, as her artworks are sublime, violent, passionate and enigmatic. During our exhibition, you will be able to enjoy some of the fantastic textile designs this fashion designer from Galicia has […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – José Gómez

Today, we are introducing you to our second Spanish ‘reject’: JOSÉ GÓMEZ José was born in Seville, Spain. His sculptures and paintings are informed by Pop Art and Expressionism, and influenced by his cross-cultural identity as a southern Spanish artist living in London. At El Salón de los Rechazados Españoles, he will exhibit some of his amazing […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – María Gilino

Our second social exhibition, El Salón de los Rechazados Españoles (The Salon of Spanish Rejects), will take place in less than a month’s time, so it is high time we started to introduce you to our talented ‘rejects’! Today, MARÍA GILINO María was born in Vigo, Spain, and currently lives in London. She has always […]

Spanish Tutor in London

Spanish Tutor in London not only offers Spanish courses for all levels, but also aims to promote Spanish culture. After joining us at the National Gallery during Women’s History Month, they also wanted to collaborate with us during our second social exhibition, for which we are very thankful! To know more about Spanish Tutor, visit their website or their blog. […]

Oxford House

Oxford House (OH) is a community and art centre in the heart of London’s East End. It was envisioned as the place in East London where community & voluntary sector groups, arts organisations, and social businesses come together to work, learn, explore, create and celebrate. It therefore is a huge honour for us to be able […]

Bodegas Muga

Bodegas Muga is a Spanish winery located in the historical Barrio de La Estación (railway station district) in Haro. They own 620 acres of vineyards on the foot of the Montes Obarenses, within the area called Rioja Alta. However, they also have control over 370 acres owned by vine growers in the area. The grape […]

Nukanti Foundation

The Nukanti Foundation is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to investing in education, empowerment and leadership skills, and hope for youth in communities affected by conflict and poverty. Their mission is to transform young people’s lives through education and hope – with a concentration on regions affected by extreme violence and poverty.       […]