Art Circus Workshop

Yesterday morning, Lola Baro and Rosa Pérez led our Art Circus workshop for children… and we all went jugglers! We made our We were then ready for delicious juggling. We started by simple exercises, and little by little, we got to do more difficult ones. It was so much fun!

Spanish Art Puppets Workshop

María and Jessica of ran a Saturday morning workshop for children, creating puppets inspired by famous Spanish artworks. From Velázquez meninas with sparkly dresses to fire-breathing Gaudí lizards, the kids really showed their artistic talent! Check out what they made!   Photos by Ioana Ursescu

Censura Grupal Workshop

Yesterday evening, we held our third workshop, Censura Grupal. The inspiration for this workshop was the Gag Law in Spain, which introduces steep fines for activists who take part in unauthorised protests, publish images of the police or interrupt public events. Led by our ‘reject’ Daniel Sánchez and textile artist Sarah Knight, we experimented with […]

Women, Ceramics and Migration Workshop

On Friday afternoon, we held a ceramic workshop with our amazing ceramist Verónica Restrepo. She illuminated us about the history of ceramics and the development of clay techniques in order to reflect about different migration aspects. As Verónica beautifully described it, we started our “negotiation” with clay. We explored the pitching technique together with our […]

Women out of Focus Workshop

On Thursday, we held the very first workshop of The Salon of Spanish Rejects, Women out of Focus. This workshop was organised in close collaboration with the pro-choice organisation My Belly is Mine, and led by Beatriz Gilino with the help of the potter, María Villaseñor. During the first part of the workshop, we experimented with clay in […]


‘The Salon of Spanish Rejects’ opening event was a huge success, with way over a hundred attendees! Thank you to the artists and collaborating organisations, to our sponsor, Bodegas Muga, for the delicious wine and support towards this event, to the musicians, Guillermo Díaz and Rosario Villajos, as well as to all of you who came to see the art […]

Tonight… El salón de los rechazados españoles

The day has finally arrived! If you want to get to know our Spanish ‘rejects’ and enjoy their artwork while listening to some music from Guillermo Díaz and the music and poetry recital from Rosario Villajos, Oxford House is the place to be! We are looking forward to seeing you all there from 7 to […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Emilio & Esther

And lastly, today EMILIO SOBERINO & ESTHER RUIZ DE PABLOS Emilio, who studied Media and Communications, has taken part in the production of several short films, both in Spain and the UK. Meanwhile, Esther is a photographer and will be sharing some of her lovely urban landscapes with us. Together, they are creating a documentary film about two Spanish […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Marta Beltrán

If you like drawings in black and white, you are going to like her. Today, MARTA BELTRÁN Marta moved to London very recently, so she still is trying to find a ‘place’ for her artwork in our city. Although she was not heavily affected by the crisis, she left Spain in order to find better […]

Meet the Spanish Rejects – Fátima Masoud

Today, we have the pleasure to introduce you to FÁTIMA MASOUD Fátima is an artist strongly engaged in politics. She moved to London back in 2011 and was part of the birth of the 15-M movement. As you can imagine, her artwork is strongly influenced by her views and