Call out for artists

Are you a London-based artist from or with strong links to Spain? is holding its second Social Exhibition at Oxford House in Bethnal Green from 7th to 12th May.  The aim of the exhibition is to give a platform to emerging artists who have been affected by the economic crisis and may be struggling […]

Departures, by Bisila Noha

(Salon of the Rejected) 1863, France. A group of artists see how their works are rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon and therefore cannot exhibit their paintings in the Salon. Ridiculed by many art critics, they are allowed by the Emperor Napoleon III to create a parallel exhibition. That was the first […]

El Salón de los Rechazados Españoles (English version further down)

New En la que será nuestra segunda Social Exhibition, pretende visibilizar la voz de los artistas españoles que, a causa de la crisis, han tenido que emigrar de forma forzada a Londres, ciudad en la que sobreviven desempeñando trabajos no cualificados con los que poder subvencionar su creación artística. El salón español de los […]

Article about ‘Seeds of Creativity’

Building a better society through the arts   The magic of creativity lies in the hope and eagerness that grow in us when we think that those tiny seeds we plant might turn into something big and beautiful. With this philosophy as its foundation,, an organisation that aims to educate and create social awareness […]

Refugee in Expression, our partner!

  ‘We want to create an environment where all youth can have freedom in expression. We are about the development of our community towards the youth and their future. We want to involve and spread information about the charities designated to youth in Brixton. Empowering and stimulating them to develop creatively as well as technically, […]

Di García- Animation Workshop

Some sand, a light box, a camera, Di García’s talent and our participants’ creativity was all we needed in order to create

Carolina Gutiérrez- Plasticine Workshop

Kids, seeds and plasticine. At this super colourful workshop, kids planted their own seeds and grew their own gardens with plasticine and Carolina Gutierrez’s help, a Colombian artist whose works in plasticine seem to be alive and leave everybody breathless. It definitely was a great opportunity to spend some time in family and to give […]

María Gilino- Ceramics and painting Workshop

Using María Gilino’s beautiful painted ceramics as inspiration, at this workshop participants were encouraged to deconstruct the conception of plates as a symbol of women’s domestic slavery. Take a look at how our participants expressed their ideas of freedom and inner peaceon plates.