Jaime Millán and Maria Jacas- Political Caricaturist and News Illustration

  How is to make fun of politicians through satirical caricature? Well, here we leave you an amazing introduction of what Saturday night was. Jaime Millán explained his caricatures inspired in Colombian Politics and Maria Jacas made an illustration workshop where people represented news in their own visual way.

Mikey Watts- Pastels and Patterns Workshop

When poetry and oil pastels became one. With Mikey Watts, a Filmmaker & Visual Artist with a flair for colours and textures, as guide, these newly-born artists used oil pastels to mix textures and patterns in order to depict their interpretation of a poem by – Stephen Watts – Mikey’s father! Needless to say, being […]

Crowfunding Video!

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About ‘Seeds of Creativity’

Lon-art.org is offering six free workshops entitled ‘My view of a better society’. These workshops will be open to communities from across London. They will all be led by practising artists, each of whom will advise participants on a different artistic technique: animation satirical caricature oil pastel plasticine ceramics film The artists: Ana Caro – Animation […]