One of strongest links that Mediterranean countries share is ceramics, so we could not leave them out of our workshops!

Ceramics have been very present in the history of the Mediterranean neighbours and the way techniques and colours and patterns have travelled across these countries and have changed and evolved thanks to their being in contact with all different cultures, can perfectly be used to see migrations from another perspective.

Like what happened to ceramics throughout the years, we should see migrations as an opportunity to evolve and bring together the best of all cultures.

In order to support this idea we will be running 2 different workshops related to ceramics:

Our Heritage Mosaic – during which we will explore mythology and will create our own myths. Altogether, we will build a mosaic that will stay in Lesbos.

Plates & Tiles and The Silk Route – through which we will decorate tiles and plates using traditional decorative patterns to bring memories back and to boost the positive outcomes of intercultural exchange.

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