Our current digital project aims to explore new ways of developing critical thinking about social and cultural matters by using 3D software and mythology.

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During this spring, we run a pilot project at Centrepoint  to develop animation workshops to help to create an anonymous and creative space for young people to express their views and raise awareness about immigration and refugee matters. We visited seven services in London, facilitating a pilot workshop where we recorded young people’s opinions using the […]

Why 3D?

3D animation is a modern way in which contemporary mythologies are communicated, yet technology is rapidly changing and it is difficult to keep up, let alone utilise it.  Getting an insight into 3D technology provides an engaging and relevant way that people can harness and express their own personal myths and also understand aspects of their cultures, in the same way that music software has previously enabled young people to find their own musical voice.

We aim to encourage young people further to develop their computer skills and to apply these new technologies in a creative way that will enable them to aspire to other professional paths.

An understanding of narratives and mythologies and these new digital media is a way to connect the modern world with the traditional and encourage critical thinking amongst disadvantaged communities who would not normally have access to 3D technologies and the skills to harness them to understand their culture in the media world.

We would like to promote reflection on our visual culture and the effects that it has on our society and our lives.

Educational objectives

Our aim is to expand education through the arts and by doing so, achieve the following objectives:

  • For participants to learn skills in computer animation and 3D to express themselves, not only focusing on technical skills but creative and theoretical approaches, too.
  • To develop creativity and imagination in the participants, empowering them to create a piece of work going beyond personal reflection.
  • To improve participants’ self-confidence through the display of their artistic creation in the exhibition / online, therefore making them part of the project.
  • To build up critical thinking around the examination of current media such as films and TV, in order to discover new interpretations and perspectives that will allow them to confront and promote social changes.
  • To support the value of art and culture in society.
  • To promote intercultural exchange with emphasis on values such as tolerance and solidarity between nations and cultures.
  • To integrate the arts as a multidisciplinary way to learn and develop projects in any subject and as part of our daily lives.


If you are interested in developing a digital project with us, please let us know in ask@lon-art.org