Last September our ID4D project was starting at one of the hostels that Centerpoint runs for young homeless people.

ID4D was born with the main objective of offering a digital and anonymous platform for young people at Centerpoint to express their opinions about refugees and immigration issues in a safe way. We wanted to introduce 3D technology as the main channel were young people will have their say, but from the freedom, avoiding any exposure that will remind them to the home office or to any authority.

Every group that participates in ID4D express different ideas or opinions giving a different perspective to the project. They offer different perspectives to the projects and express themselves depending on their talents. This make of ID4D a unique and very diverse project. We adapt to them, to their way to communicate, to their needs and to their free time. We try to build up a relationship with the group in order to make them feel at home, so they can trust us when telling their life narratives.

One of the groups was talking about politicians and the way they feel towards them. It was shocking to hear how a 18 year old woman feel that nobody cares about her, not finding the space or the way to be heard. She wrote a poem expressing her rage against politicians….

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