Women in the Ceramics Room

Women in the Ceramics Room

Women and Ceramics at the Victoria & Albert Museum

A wonderful, inspiring session in the ceramic rooms at the Victoria and Albert Museum. During the visit, we will learn about the unique relationship between women and clay throughout history. We will discover the rarely-discussed, yet fundamental role of ceramics in British society and we will discuss its role in our own lives as women and, above all, as individuals. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore one of the lesser-known galleries in the V&A!

Women and Ceramics II is an additional workshop aiming to explore the relationship between women and clay. The group will discuss issues related to women and gender while creating their own pieces of pottery from clay.

Where: Victoria and Albert Museum, Ceramics Room

Duration: 1.5 Hours


If you are a group of people, a charity or an organisation that would like to book a private visit, please let us know at: ask@lon-art.org