Our schools workshops, tailored to pupils’ ages and needs, complement the National Curriculum for Art and Design, Citizenship and Modern Languages, providing opportunities for valuable cross-curricular learning.

Our schools workshop developers and facilitators each hold Masters degrees in Art History, focussing on both Western and non-Western art, and UK QTS for Modern Languages. They are experienced in both in arts education and Modern Languages teaching within the British National Curriculum.

Black History Month

DuringMasks - Masquerades (72 de 75) Black History Month 2014, we held three art workshops for schools and families in East London, focussing on masks and masquerade in West Africa.
The techniques of pottery, recycling and puppetry are widely used on the continent, including in contemporary art. The young people were given the opportunity to use these techniques and learn about the stories and traditions behind them. Facilitators encouraged awareness of the historical and sociological trajectories that link people across the globe, celebrating the diversity of the world around us.


Art and Languages


Addressing a gap in the National Curriculum for Modern Languages, Lon-art’s languages project aims to develop cultural awareness and language skills through the use of visual art, promoting visual literacy as an important life skill with great relevance to MFL.

Pupils engage in interpretive interactions with visual texts that reflect the diversity of target language cultures. Using the four skills, pupils engage in activities that promote literacy across the subjects: practising prediction; making inferences; examining the ‘vocabulary’ of line, shape, colour, form and texture; and exploring representation. Workshops are offered for French, Spanish and EAL (English as an Additional Language). For more information please click here.




If you would like us to bring our schools workshops to your school, contact us at: projects@lon-art.org