We have different projects related to: museum workshops; projects abroad; community arts; the Spanish language; and events.
We can tailor existing projects to your needs and are also open suggestions for developing new projects.

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Social exhibition

We look upon our annual exhibitions as social events reflecting upon social issues. As well as providing a platform for artists, they are complemented by a selection of workshops for community groups, schools and the general public. more >


Community Projects

These projects aim to bring art education to places, both in the UK and abroad, in which disadvantaged communities have difficulties accessing the arts and education in general. We believe that creativity and imagination are the main tools needed to break the poverty cycle and to create new opportunities for individuals coming from an impoverished background. If are part of or working with a community group that you think would be interested in participating in an art project with us, please contact us. more >



One of Lon-art.org’s main objectives is to open a dialogue between art and the public. Our workshops concentrate on visual literacy: learning how to look at and ‘read’ artworks and, by extension, all manner of images that we see day to day. Aiming to escape a passive reception and acceptance of art, we promote the act of looking as an active, critical dialogue. more >



Our schools workshops, tailored to pupils’ ages and needs, complement the National Curriculum for Art and Design, Citizenship and Modern Languages, providing opportunities for valuable cross-curricular learning. Our schools workshop developers and facilitators each hold Masters degrees in Art History, focussing on both Western and non-Western art, and UK QTS for Modern Languages. They are experienced in both in arts education and Modern Languages teaching within the British National Curriculum. more >