Focussing on the growing Spanish community in London and the UK, Cambio de Planes is a photography project exploring cases of highly-educated Spaniards carrying out lesser-qualified jobs in the UK.

‘Since the start of the crisis, many Spaniards are struggling to get the positions they feel they deserve that the crisis in Spain may have affected his career in a positive way: ‘Since I moved to London, I have discovered myself as a photographer and, most importantly, I’ve met excellent people to work with and who encourage me to keep working.’

Luis is also exhibiting his series Fighters! (We All Are) in this exhibition, alongside which you can find out more about him.


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  1. That sounds like what I do in my language labs. The students listen and repeat, or listen and create a grtiamamcally correct sentence and I spy on them and correct their mistakes. Some students like it, some hate it. In general, it’s rather boring for me!

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