María integrates surreal, supernatural and fantasy elements into her artwork. María created La Caída specifically for the Salon of Spanish Rejects, inspired by the concept of the exhibition. For her, La Caída represents ‘the things we have lost through emigrating: leaving our families and friends behind, losing our identities and having to start again.’ The figure in Alice came to María in a dream. Although she completed the painting two years ago, she has chosen it for exhibition as she feels it could be interpreted as a symbol of the strength of women, something that the exhibition and the current political climate in Spain have brought to the forefront of her mind.


María arrived in London a year and a half ago. She explains, ‘my story is the same as that of many others who come here, have to learn a new language, work long hours in jobs that force you to live from day to day, but also find new opportunities.’ She says that ‘economic instability in Spain can be seen as the cause for the growth, both personal and intellectual, of many artists here as they try to use every resource the city offers.’ Recently, with more security in her professional life and with the opportunity to exhibit with other Spanish artists, María has begun ‘breathing and painting’ again. She has taken part in a number of exhibitions in London, including’s first Social Exhibition, Seeds of Creativity. She will be exhibiting at the Museum Galerie Rosmolen Universart in Holland from 29th May to 9th June.

maria gilino



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