The ceramic works exhibited are part of Verónica’s experimentation in creating pieces that are irregular in shape, as a way of exploring the plasticity of clay. The pieces are presented as objects from another world using the pretence of an archaeological dig, as a reflection on the perception of ‘the Other’. Verónica wants to bring to our attention the relationship between the development of anthropology as a social science and the colonial period, with its notion of the ‘exotic Other’. She say that ‘human groups have always had a need to travel and exchange culture, through war or trade or survival, therefore culture is a product of time and space in which objects like ceramics have become the documents that reflect all this exchange and how it is codified for the future.’


Verónica is an anthropologist, youth worker, facilitator and ceramicist. From Bogota, Colombia, she lived in Madrid between 2004 and 2005. Feeling that there were ‘no options’ in Spain, she explains that ‘life and other mysteries’ brought her to London. She has been here for nine years, and has taken on a wide variety of jobs, from waitressing, babysitting and bartending to community arts facilitation. During this period of what she describes as ‘survival adventures’, Verónica became a ceramicist. She experiments with different textures, shapes, techniques and concepts, and is interested in the idea of collectivity and creating solidarity through art. Through her work, she is ‘trying to reflect on the exchange of information as a day-to-day exercise: the way we interact with each other and the way we could change reality.’


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