About us

Lon-art opens a window onto art, culture and languages through education workshops and community events. 


Our vision is to improve the accessibility of creativity, culture and learning for everybody through the arts.


Our mission is to provide a platform for communities, artists and educators to collaborate, reflect and create.


First established in 2010, and a Community Interest Company (CIC) since 2017, Lon-art’s activities have been growing steadily over the past seven years. We have collaborated with numerous organisations including Centrepoint, Oxford House in Bethnal Green, Idea Store (Watney Market and Whitechapel), Spitalfields Housing Association and Up Your Street (an East London women’s group), and with each we have built a continuing relationship, leading to other projects. In 2014, Lon-art also acted as a platform for twenty-two artists to exhibit their work, with ten of these artists given the opportunity to design and lead workshops for community groups. And we are now working to create a strong community of female artists.


Although based in London, our vision and mission are universal, and so we had the chance to work in Greece in 2016, as part of Symbiosis, an arts festival for refugees.


Lon-art’s core team have broad experience in education (Modern Languages, IT and Art & Design), the art world, social work, marketing and events, translation and the charity sector.




Engagement of non-British young people in activities is paramount to their future integration but it is a challenge. However, Lon-art came with a unique, creative & interactive project to tackle exactly that. Centrepoint wants now to extrapolate the project in all its services. Besides, Lon-art staff are open, approachable and flexible in running the project and they made a massive impact not only in young people’s engagement but also in raising staff interest and engagement. I am glad to work with them.

Asmerom Woldegebriel, Immigration & Integration Manager, Centrepoint


For Oxford House, working with Lon-art always means success. After hosting ‘The Salon of Spanish Rejects’ at our gallery in 2014, Lon-art has run other workshops here and won one of our creative contests. We hope to maintain our collaboration in the future because to be part of Lon-art’s projects is a real honour.

Eva Carmona, Marketing and Communications Officer, Oxford House


I just thought it was such a great day. We had three amazing different events happening, that you guys ran for us. You guys were so enthusiastic, you got the kids to be enthusiastic… It was a great, great success, one of the best events we’ve actually had.

Rajia Khan, Black History Month Co-ordinator, Idea Store 

Meet Our Team

María González
Co-founder & Creative Director 

I am an art historian and art educator, and one of the founders of Lon-art.org. The organisation is the result of a long process of exploring different walks of life, travelling and reflecting on art, education and social matters. I am the one designing and delivering the projects. I am passionate about educating people through the arts and empowering them to create a better society.

Rocío Carvajal
Co-founder, Events & Marketing Manager

I am one of Lon-art.org’s founders. I have experience organising events, and producing and delivering marketing strategies. I make sure that the events at Lon-art.org run smoothly and in a professional way. I also take care of the budget and expenses for every project. But what I love is reaching many people through social media and letting them know about our projects!

Bisila Noha
Director of Operations 

I was witness to Lon-art’s conception, working on the organisation’s first ever workshop in Vienna. My background is very varied: I am a ceramicist and translator with experience in International Relations and Advertising. Such versatility allows me to get involved in Lon-art’s range of activities at many levels: I manage our finances, marketing and PR strategies, and I also deliver some of our workshops.

Jessica Juckes
Education & Exhibitions Officer 

I am an art historian and qualified languages teacher. I help design and facilitate workshops with Lon-art.org and I am assisting in the curation of the organisation’s second Social Exhibition. I am particularly interested in non-Western art and initiatives combining museum and gallery education with Modern Foreign Languages and EAL.

Veronica Restrepo
Art Educator & Ceramic Artist

I am an anthropologist, youth worker, facilitator and ceramicist. As an artist, I experiment with different textures, shapes, techniques and concepts, and am interested in the idea of collectivity and creating solidarity through art. Through my work, I try to reflect on the way we interact with each other and the way we could change reality. Thoughts that always are present when I help design new projects at Lon-art.

Rosa Pérez
Art Workshops Facilitator 

I was fascinated by Lon-art.org’s first social exhibition in London, “Seeds of Creativity”. Since then, I have collaborated with Lon-art.org by facilitating art workshops and events. My educational background in languages and Middle Eastern Studies makes me particularly interested in learning from other cultures and engaging people with this region of the world through art.