Postcards #haveyoursay

Imagine that thousands of people could read a postcard you have written, what would your message to the world be? Participants were depicting what they thought about refugees and immigration on postcards and refugees sent the messages out of the camp. The results were most of the times shocking and heartbreaking. We have done the […]

Symbiosis Festival Opening

Yassou! Yesterday it was the Symbiosis Festival opening in Mytiline. The Clownest Orchestra band led this amazing moment with their Balkans vibes. Early in the morning they had one of their best experience as musicians and humans beings, they played in the other side of the fence in Moria, the biggest refugee camp in Lesbos […]

Workshop on ‘Deconstructing gender’

Last Wednesday we held our workshop on ‘Deconstructing Gender’. Cristina Cuevas opened the workshop with the question ‘What is gender?’ then we started the debate using two videos as a starting point:      – Break Free:      – Like a girl: Among the participants were women of different backgrounds and ages, adding to the richness of the workshop. After […]

Fun Palaces 2014: Art-Lab Experiment

It was grey and gloomy in Bethnal Green this Saturday but inside Oxford House, Lon-art and members of the local community had come together to have fun, learn new skills and create new colours. The project, “Art-Lab Experiment”, encouraged participants to think about how science, history and art have come together and influenced one another […]

Art-Lab Experiment. Fun Palaces Festival has been selected to be part of FUN PALACES 2014. We have designed for this occasion Art-Lab Experiment, a project that explores what happens when art and science come together. In the 19th Century new ways of expression were invented, among them, photography. A mix of chemistry, physics and human curiosity to register images and […]