El Salon De Los Recharzados Espanoles

Being part of an artistic network, one of our objectives is to promote artists and to encourage them to raise social awareness through their work, projects and events. We design social events using visual arts, photography, filmmaking, dance and theatre, as well as other artistic disciplines. Our method is dynamic and adaptable to communities’ needs.

Below is an example of one of our ‘Social Exhibitions’, The Salon of Spanish Rejects, an open dialogue between the public and artists, in which we exhibit their work and also offer workshops using different techniques. Our objective is to create new spaces in which to bring together communities, art and artists, raising social awareness about social matters by developing creativity and critical thinking through the arts.

The main objective of this exhibition was to give a platform to emerging Spanish and British artists who were affected by the economic crisis and might have been struggling to exhibit or continue their artistic practice. It was envisioned as a chance to reflect upon social issues in Spain and the UK, and we programmed a series of workshops, talks and events for the public to engage with such issues.

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