Lon-art workshops are designed and adapted to the communities needs. We have worked with a number of charities and institutions that believe that arts is one of the best ways to reflect into social issues. 



 Lonart’s gender focused workshops aim to question ways of looking at visual art and, by extension, all manner of images that we encounter every day. The workshops, open to and adapted for all, aim to promote critical thinking, highlight the presence women in the arts and address the burden of representation.


An art workshop open to all: learn about visualisation and LGBTQ visibility before designing your own poster.

As part of LGBT History Month, Lon-art is putting on a workshop to discuss and learn about LGTBQI+ visual history: highlighting the untold LGBTQI+ stories.



We collaborated with a wide range of organisations and charities working with, among others: refugees, asylum seekers, homeless young and older people.

iD4D-After a successful pilot project, Lon-art worked for a year with young people at Centrepoint for this project using digital technology. iD4D aimed to explore identity and immigration using 3D motion capture and storyboard workshops, promoting the engagement, integration, development and well-being of homeless young people at Centrepoint.

See the full project here

Refugee Week– We present art-based workshops during Refugee Week events that questioned ways in which refugees are perceived and portrayed. 


We consider that Black History needs to be part of our current school curriculum. Therefore we recommend to run these art workshops all year long, except in October. We also believe that Black History needs to be told from a gender perspective. I our workshops participants will discover inspiring black women who have contributed positively to British society, but don’t receive the same recognition as white men or women in our society.

The techniques of pottery, recycling and puppetry are widely used on the African continent, including in contemporary art. The young people are given the opportunity to use these techniques and learn about the stories and traditions behind them. Facilitators encouraged awareness of the historical and sociological trajectories that link people across the globe, celebrating the diversity of the world around us.

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Lon-art opens a window into herstories, art, culture and languages through education workshops and community events.

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