Anahí aims ‘to induce different states of mind in the viewer’ through abstraction and choice of materials, textures and colours. She employs unusual materials, such as sands of different thicknesses, pigments and fabrics of varied textures. She explains that in these pictures, ‘matter is no longer seen as a means to represent an idea, but becomes the idea itself.’ She uses these materials to create ‘balanced and consistent structures’, which provide ‘real weight and presence’ to the compositions. Another key element of her work is its mix of natural and man-made materials, with which she aims to show ‘a love for nature and for everything mysterious the natural world has to offer, along with an understanding of the world we created and in which we live.’ She leaves her work open to interpretation, with the viewer leaving with ‘more questions than answers.’


Anahí moved to London eight months ago, but left Spain before the crisis, living in Denmark and the USA along the way, and gaining a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Visual Arts. She has recently opened her own online lifestyle collection shop and also undertakes painting and photography freelance projects. Reflecting on the crisis, she says, ‘I have always had my clients in Madrid. Things are harder because everyone needs art but people don’t even think about paying for it. There are fewer opportunities so you need to work things out on your own. In my case, I think the best solution is being an entrepreneur, opening my own business and from there, developing myself as an artist.’



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