The Art for Art’s Shake fanzine was born with the purpose of helping amateur artists to bring their works to the public, and to keep art ‘alive and shaking, moving, evolving and growing.’ The fanzine contains fiction, poetry, illustrations and music and is currently published three to four times a year. All contributions are voluntary and printing and expenses are covered by the fanzine’s ‘beloved sponsors.’

Claudia SP Rubiño finished her degree in English Philology, focussing on Literature and Literary Criticism, in 2012. At the same time, she and a friend founded Art for Art’s Shake in their city of Valladolid. This was also the year that Claudia moved to London to escape the recession, while the fanzine’s other editor moved to Grenoble, France. In this sense, the crisis has made their work more difficult, as they have to carry out all communication via Internet. However, Claudia explains that on the other hand, ‘it makes us more awake: we work harder because we want to reach our goals.’ Claudia also contributes to the magazine La Revista for the British-Spanish Society in London and is currently working on her first novel.

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