#ID4D Project

Last September our ID4D project was starting at one of the hostels that Centerpoint runs for young homeless people. ID4D was born with the main objective of offering a digital and anonymous platform for young people at Centerpoint to express their opinions about refugees and immigration issues in a safe way. We wanted to introduce […]

See you soon Lesbos and Many thanks to…

Lon-art team said goodbye to Lesbos and to Symbiosis Festival last week. We left with happy hearts, because we brought art and creativity to the most thankful participants an art educator could ever have. However, we also realised that our work and time was not enough to palliate these children’s thirst for learning and creating. That’s why […]

Refugees Memorial Mosaic in Eressos

One of our projects at Symbiosis Festival was to make a mosaic as a memorial to the current Refugee Crisis. For the location, we chose Eressos, a nice village in Lesbos with a very open-minded community. This meant most of the locals celebrated to have our mosaic, although we were aware that it could have […]

A day art workshop in a Refugee Camp

We have been working mainly at Kara Tepe and Moria refugee camps in Lesbos. We were going there, and in the middle of the camps we were setting tables full of art materials. Children of all ages approached us and started drawing, painting and creating postcards. Most of the times we were overwhelmed by the […]

Postcards #haveyoursay

Imagine that thousands of people could read a postcard you have written, what would your message to the world be? Participants were depicting what they thought about refugees and immigration on postcards and refugees sent the messages out of the camp. The results were most of the times shocking and heartbreaking. We have done the […]

A puppets day

In the Day 3 of this amazing festival, children from Pipka refugee camp came to pay us a visit and enjoy our art workshops! Here are the workshops we run in this amazing day: -Puppets inspired in Syrian and Greek mythology. We created puppets to re-interprete traditional stories based in Middled East and Greek myths. […]

Symbiosis Festival Opening

Yassou! Yesterday it was the Symbiosis Festival opening in Mytiline. The Clownest Orchestra band led this amazing moment with their Balkans vibes. Early in the morning they had one of their best experience as musicians and humans beings, they played in the other side of the fence in Moria, the biggest refugee camp in Lesbos […]

Mediterranean Ceramics workshops

One of strongest links that Mediterranean countries share is ceramics, so we could not leave them out of our workshops! Ceramics have been very present in the history of the Mediterranean neighbours and the way techniques and colours and patterns have travelled across these countries and have changed and evolved thanks to their being in […]

Greek Theatre Masks

  What did ancient Greek costumes, masks and theatre look like?                            Theater played an important role in ancient Greece. History of the Greek theatre started with festivals held in honor of their gods honoring their gods. A god, Dionysus, was honored with […]

Symbiosis Festival in Lesbos – Art workshops for refugees

This summer, the Lon-art team is going to Lesvos to be part of Symbiosis Arts Festival, a World Music and Arts festival that will link between cultures of the Mediterranean and approach the refugee crisis through the arts. For this incredible event, we are designing different art workshops that we will lead during the day under […]