On Saturday 5th of March we celebrated Women’s History Month 2016 with our popular visit ‘Women at the National Gallery’. During this visit led by our Art Educators and Historians María and Sara, we analysed some of the greatest art pieces held at the National Gallery from a gender point of view. We put on our feminist glasses and discussed about how women have been depicted throughout art history and re-thought the role of women in the past and today’s society. We think our participants did it very well, here are some of the pictures of the event!


Workshop leaders

Sara López

María González


National Gallery


12 March 2016


General public, 20 people


Have you ever wondered why so many of the images of women that we see in museums are nudes? Or why there are so few women artists? Or what role women have played in the history of art?

All these questions and more will be discussed in an interactive dialogue between the public and paintings, during a visit concentrating on gender, art and social matters. Come and help us to re-think art history from the perspectives of contemporary women!



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