After the success of our first Coaching workshop back in January, we designed two more workshops along with two Coaching experts to keep helping people feel motivated and capable of making their dreams come true.

Workshop leaders

Andrea Giráldez (Personal Performance Coach):

Paola Miani (Personal Performance Coach)


Oxford House


13 and 20 October 2015


22 in total


With these two workshops – Design Thinking and How to boost your self-confidence – we learnt different techniques and tools that will help us turn a problem or a row idea into an action plan using creative thinking. Besides, we learnt how to recognise and analyse those moments when we feel insecure and to boost our self-confidence in order to achieve our goals.

Outcomes and Impact:

These coaching workshops helped participants to approach their dreams and projects from a positive and proactive perspective. Most of us tend to feel overwhelmed by our own ideas, and these workshops helped us change how we feel about our own plans and ourselves in order to feel we actually can do whatever we set out minds to.


“A wonderful way to overcome those moments of mental block and start our projects”

“Inspiring, educational and comforting. I strongly recommend it”




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