Esther’s photography is inspired by cities and urban landscapes. The triptych, taken in Paris, is influenced by montage cinematography, with unconnected images (here shot in different places) being connected and given a narrative by the viewer. Cristo was taken in Esther’s home city of Madrid, while New Museum was taken in New York. Esther explains that she is not interested in photography as a copy of ‘reality’, but rather is interested in how the photograph lies and creates a composition of colours and forms that have a value in and of themselves, separate from and not subordinate to the ‘reality’ they supposedly capture.


Esther, from Madrid, moved to Paris in 2005 after finishing photography school, and stayed there for six years, so has always seen the financial crisis in Spain from a distance. She has been in London for a total of eighteen months, with a break spent in the USA. She is both a photographer and videographer, and has previously exhibited her work in Spain and Mexico. This is her first exhibition in the UK.


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