Today we led a visit for Sin Fronteras, a group of young Latin American women aged between 14-15 years old, during which we discussed about women roles in society and the arts. We also made comparisons between how women were represented throughout art history and how they are shown in today’s ads. Unfortunately, things have not changed much (thanks to Dolce&Gabanna among others…)
After a 2,5-hour visit they have said that they loved the tour and that they will walk around galleries with a different opinion about how they want to be represented in our current visual culture.

Workshop leaders

María González

Sara López


National Gallery


12th December 2015


13 girls 14-15 years old


For this visit, we have introduced topics that could be interesting for the group, like music, fashion, top models, singers etc. We wanted to make sure that all of them had something to say, an opinion regarding how women are represented in social media and the advertising industry. We have reviewed a few ads by Dolce & Gabbana and other brands that insult women with their markeing campaigns.

Some of the girls did not want to go to the museum at the beginning, but once the visit finished, they felt surprised about how much fun they could actually have in a 2 and a half hour visit. The educators’ impression was that, by they end of the visit, they felt extremely empowered and more confident to criticise the abuses women suffer due to our current visual culture day in day out.

Outcomes and Impact:


‘I loved all your stories’

‘The bodies of the Top Models look like plastic bodies’

‘I don’t feel represented with these women’

‘Judith looks powerful’


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