Pinching and Myths

Spring is here and in busy London we met Saturday morning for the second session of the Women and Ceramics guided visit to the V&A. Hands on the clay, we spent the morning learning how to make a pot from the simple but challenging technique of pinching. Using just a ball of clay and our thumbs we created beautiful ceramic pieces. It was great to have a space where we could learn something new, have fun, relax and let our imagination flow away from the laptops. Participants left energised with a smile and pleased to have created an object with their hands.

Workshop leaders

Verónica Restrepo


Oxford House, Bethnal Green


23rd of April 2016


General public, 16 people


Ayuda a desconectar / Nos gustó mucho poder hacer algo con las manos / Mucho más que cerámica, ya que descubrimos la historia detrás de esta / Muy relajante, terapéutico, divertido / Genial para relajarse sin usar las tecnologías y conectar con uno mismo a través del uso de la propia imaginación / Una vía de escape de la rutina de Londres y de la oficina

It was great to disconnect / We loved being able to make something with our hands / It was not only about ceramics, but the history behind them / It was very relaxing, therapeutical and fun / Very relaxing and a great way to unplug from technology and plug into oneself, using one’s imagination / An amazing break from London and work

Thanks to:

David and Bea for helping with the workshop!

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