On Thursday, we held the very first workshop of The Salon of Spanish Rejects, Women out of Focus.

This workshop was organised in close collaboration with the pro-choice organisation My Belly is Mine, and led by Beatriz Gilino with the help of the potter, María Villaseñor.

During the first part of the workshop, we experimented with clay in an activity that was entitled Gesto Protesta (Protest Gesture). Using María Villaseñor’s idea, we created unique clay pieces by the simple gesture of closing our fists in anger. All this anger that was translated into art was then accompanied by messages we wrote with our thoughts on the anti-abortion draft law in Spain.

During the second part of the workshop, we had the chance to reflect upon abortion, women’s freedom and empowerment and the Spanish Ley Gallardón. All the thoughts and reflections we came up with were then expressed to create a super-arty ‘zine, which you will be able to see online very soon!

To close the workshop, we all got into Cristina Cuevas’ installation Inside Me. Inside You., in order to write messages on the bellies of which the installation is comprised. For those who have not stopped by the exhibition yet, this installation aims to make people empathise with the feelings women experience when they are going through undesired pregnancies.


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