Yesterday we took to the National Gallery an eclectic group of women both Spanish and English speakers. These different backgrounds gave a diverse insight about women’s roles in society and in the history of art.

Many thanks for sharing with us your points of view and experiences.

Workshop leaders

Maria González

Sara López


National Gallery


26 September 2015




The visit to the National Gallery is one of our classics now. It is a very special tour, during which we analise the roles that women have had throughout the History of Art – a story made by and for men. Even though we do not realised about it, the messages that some art masterpieces convey have influenced the way we see and understand our current visual culture. Therefore, by going beyond their beauty and analising those hidden messages, we train our gaze and learn how to look at the images we are shown on a daily basis from a critical point of view.

Outcomes and Impact:

It was a very enriching visit, as participants were very active and keen to share their own views and ideas. And that is exactly the aim of the visit: to open a dialogue between the art pieces and the public.


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