Women out of Focus is a photography series based on a notion of women’s loss of identity. Cristina depicts this through obscuring faces and playing with the camera focus. She explains that ‘every time we as women lose one of our rights, we lose a bit of ourselves and our identity, and what we are becomes blurry.’ Cristina sees herself ‘as a storyteller who uses lights and shadows to build what I want to express.’


The installation Inside Me. Inside You is Cristina’s comment on the abortion draft bill in Spain, and ‘a woman’s right to choose.’ She depicts ‘the belly of a woman, any woman’, and includes photographs of the stomachs of different models, as ‘any of us could find ourselves in that situation.’ The installation gives us the ability to experience being inside a woman’s body, and the isolation that a pregnancy could cause. But ultimately, Cristina wants us to focus on ‘the power of women, their rights, and their right to decide.’


Cristina has been in London for three months and, since arriving, has been working in several part-time jobs. Her background is in photography and cinematography, with experience in Spain, Germany and Los Angeles, where she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to complete her MFA. Returning to Spain after the course, she discovered that the Spanish cultural industry was ‘shutting down’. However, she explains, ‘after a while this lack of opportunities was an opportunity in itself to explore new paths as an artist and photographer. In the end, I can say the crisis allowed me to grow and develop my work in other ways.’ This is Cristina’s first exhibition in London.






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