Refugee Week 2015 at Centrepoint

Imagine that thousands of people could read this postcard, what would be your message to the world? Alongside the video, we prepared a workshop for Centrepoint’s young people to depict what they think about refugees and immigration on postcards.   Workshop leader: Maria González Where: Centrepoint – Refugee Week When: 19th June 2015 Participants: 13     […]

Mujeres en la National Gallery with LAWRS

Workshop leader: María González and Sara López Where: National Gallery When: 6th June 2015 Participants: 5 Description: We led the ‘Women at the National Gallery’ visit for the group of volunteers in LAWRS for the Volunteers Week. We had an interesting discussion about women’s roles in the society nowadays. Outcomes and Impact: Testimonies:  

Call Out for Artist using the written word

Call Out for Artist | Lon-art Collaborative Community Exhibition at Oxford House Application Deadline: 5th May Lon-art, a non-profit art education organisation that works with the local community in East London, will be undertaking its third exhibition project, Now and Then, Here and There, in October/November at Oxford House in Bethnal Green. We are looking […]

Mujeres en la National Gallery

Workshop leader: Maria González Where: National Gallery When: 11th April 2015 Participants: 10 Description: The visit to the National Gallery is one of our classics now. It is a very special tour, during which we analise the role women have had throughout the History of Art – a story made by and for men. Even […]

Creative Coaching Workshop at Oxford House

Workshop leader: Andrea Giráldez Where: Oxford House When: 29th January 2015 Participants: 23 Description: Lead by Andrea and after having identified their goals for 2015, participants could set up an action plan in order to make their dreams achievable. Following Andrea’s tips, we learnt that not only it is vital to have dreams and plans, […]

BHM 2014- Masks and Masquerades at Idea Store, Watney Market

African masks were given an East London facelift on Saturday when kids from the community came to Lon-art’s fun-filled class celebrating Black History Month. The all-day event, which included film screenings, a talk on African masquerades and plenty of messy mask-making, was packed with children and adults across two floors of the Idea Store at […]

Celebrating Black History Month in schools

We have been celebrating Black History Month in schools in East London. We held two workshops focusing on masks and masquerades. -The African Art of Recycling: Tradition and modernity We explored the work of contemporary artist Romauld Hazoume (Republic of Benin). -Bamana puppets from Mali Storytelling The art of Malian puppet theatre, called Sogo bo […]

Fun Palaces. The Pitch Competition – 6pm (Free)

FUN PALACES Oh! featured opportunity for emerging and established artists to develop and share their ideas. Fast paced and fun presentations of exciting ideas for Fun Palaces! Finalists include one of’s project, Art-Lab Experiment   New forms of artistic expression, such as photography, have been created thanks to the sciences. Likewise, the arts also […]

See yourself in 3D, Faceshift

By using Faceshift we aim to create an innovative way to communicate and explore personal narratives using 3D technology. We are interested in capturing their opinions or voices in a creative way. of the guys living in one of the houses of CentrePoint and faceshift will help us to create puppets or talking heads that […]

Refugee Week at Centrepoint

The Refugee Week presented a great opportunity for the how refugees are perceived by our societies and to show them as individuals with a rich cultural background. Patterns and cultures Ceramics have been part of men’s life since the dawn of civilisation and were used to produce all kinds of objects, which were exchanged along […]